Why You Should Consider Blackbutt Timber for More Than Flooring

If you live in Australia, you know that blackbutt timber is usually used as a term with indoor flooring projects. This is due in part to the beauty of the Australian indigenous wood. What you may not know is that this same timber can be used for a multitude of different projects, including outdoor decking. Here are some reasons why you should consider blackbutt timber for more than just interior flooring options.

Termite Issues

One of the leading reasons people need to have deck repairs completed is due to termites. Termites can take over and take down your wood decks, fencing, and housing before you really realise what is going on. By the time you do, it is often at a point that you are facing a costly issue and repairs. This is one of the reasons you should consider using blackbutt timber for your decking needs. Blackbutt is known for having a high resistance to termites. This makes it less likely that you will have termite issues with your decking that could spread to your home and surrounding timber based constructions.

Movement Issues

One of the reasons people are particular about the type of wood they use for fencing and other outdoor applications is due to movement issues. Some timber may look exceptional as a fence, decking, or other outdoor construction. This does not mean that it works well overtime. One of the things it may do is start to move and shift from the original placement. This can cause wood rot, damage, and other costly repair issues. Blackbutt timber is known for being easy to machine, and it will not shift easily. This reduces the chance of parts of your fencing or decking falling, warping, or being exposed to weather conditions.

Bushfire Issues

If you live in a bushfire area, you are likely concerned about finding a suitable timber material that meets the area standards for construction. Blackbutt timber is not only ideal for outdoor decking and fencing in bushfire areas, but also it is approved for home construction and framing in those areas. This can make it an ideal choice for all your construction needs.

Overall, if you are looking at blackbutt timber flooring as the only timber use option for this ingenious wood, you may be being short sighted. Instead, consider the ratings of this wood for other methods including your fencing, decking, and even home framing. If you want to see the other options for this timber, consider a consultation with a construction or remodeling contractor.