Maintenance Tips to Ensure You Get Maximum Service Life from Solid Wood Flooring

There's no way you can talk about the most popular flooring options available for homeowners and fail to mention timber flooring. Timber flooring has been around for centuries, but it still finds favour with many homeowners in Australia and other developed parts of the world. For homeowners who want to install timber flooring that can last for several years, solid wood flooring is the go-to choice. But like with any other flooring type, the durability of solid wood floors largely depends on the quality of maintenance provided. Well-maintained floors will last a lifetime, whereas neglected ones will wear down prematurely. 

If you are thinking about installing solid wood flooring in your home, you should know what it takes to keep it looking pristine for a lifetime. Take a look at some important care tips you should follow to ensure you get the most out of your solid wood flooring. 

Cleaning the floors

Dust and other forms of dirt will always find a way into your home whether or not you are around. Most of the dirt usually settles on the surface of your flooring. If the dirt is allowed to build up over time, it can gradually degrade the flooring. Proper cleaning of solid wood floors is critical to ensuring that build-up is prevented. The frequency of cleaning may vary from home to home, depending on the size of the family, the number of (and frequency at which) visitors walk in and out the home, weather conditions and location of the home, among other home-specific factors. 

To get rid of loose surface dirt and debris on your floors, you will need to sweep or vacuum the floors regularly. Aside from that, you will need to occasionally wet mop the floor so as to remove any stubborn dirt that may be stuck on the floors. Make sure to use little amounts of water when wet mopping so as to prevent the wood from soaking up with water. Also, be sure to use wood cleaning detergents that are gentle on your floor's finishing. 

In case of any accidental spill, grab a clean, dry rag and wipe it off immediately. Spills can easily turn into permanent stains if left unattended. 

Preventing physical damage to the floors

Solid wood floors are hard-wearing, but they are not completely immune to physical damage. Avoid dragging household items like furniture on your floors, as this will damage the wood and its finishing. If you have pets, make sure you trim their claws frequently so they do not scratch against the surface of your wood flooring and damage it.