Primary Considerations for Laying Timber Floor Boards

Timber flooring remains a classic choice for Australian households, and not without reason. From its aesthetic appeal that will never go out of style to the longevity it provides when well taken care of, people still consider timber flooring as one of the best options for their homes. When it comes to selecting the direction in which the timber boards should face, the decision ultimately lies with the homeowner. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of the visual interest of the flooring, then you may want to discuss with your flooring contractors how best to lay them. Below are a few primary considerations to keep in mind when arranging your timber floorboards.

Consider hallways and doorways

When the timber floorboards are being installed from the point of a hallway or a door, then one of the ideal ways to do so is in a perpendicular fashion. The reason why this is an optimal solution to laying your timber floorboards is that the timber flooring will follow the natural flow of traffic in and out of your home. Additionally, if the doorway is leading down a hallway and into another room, then the vertical layout does not break your line of sight, making the flooring seem cohesive with the layout of your home too.

Consider the dimensions of the rooms

When the timber flooring is being laid in a particular room, be it your bedroom or a family room, then you should lay the boards according to the longest wall in the space. When the boards are parallel to the wall you have identified, it promotes the illusion of a spacious room. Thus, this layout is perfect for any rooms that seem small or cramped. In addition to the parallel layout, you should have your flooring contractors lay the first plank at the corner that is located the furthest away from the entryway. When this arrangement is followed, the last board that connects to the door can be cut as needed so that it fits perfectly, rather than having your furthest boards cut instead.

Consider the source of natural light

Another consideration that will make your timber floorboards complement your home is installing them as per the location of natural light. If the boards are going into a living room that is always washed in natural light, you should have the boards laid toward the windows, rather than in a perpendicular arrangement that will have variations in the joints of wood cast shadows on your flooring. This nifty trick also has the ability to make the room appear broader than it is.