Advantages of Installing Frieze Carpet in Your Home

If you're looking at flooring options for the living areas and bedrooms of your home, you can't go past carpet. One particular type to consider is frieze carpet, which is available in a variety of colours and textures to fit with diverse room styles. The following are several other advantages of this flooring. 

Soft and Comfortable

Soft fluffy carpet gives a luxurious warm ambience that invites you to relax, whether watching TV or playing with your pet. You can enjoy walking around in bare feet in a way you mightn't on hard stone tiles or timber floorboards. Additionally, if you have toddlers running around, you won't have to worry about them falling over as the carpet will cushion any trips.

Durable Though Soft

The high twist of frieze increases its durability. Carpets are made when machines weave fibres through a backing, which automatically forms loops on the surface. Cut pile carpets, like frieze, have the tops of the loops trimmed, and thus they have single strands standing upwards. These strands are long or short for a more or less plush effect, and the fibres are more loosely or tightly twisted. Frieze carpet has relatively long fibres — giving a luxurious feel — and a tight twist, which increases its durability.

Conceals Dirt

Flooring inevitably becomes grimy with everyone walking on the surface all day. A benefit of a fluffy pile is that it conceals dirt until you have time to vacuum. Thus, you won't have messy looking floors that require constant sweeping to keep the room neat. Hard surfaces like floorboards, on the other hand, tend to show every bit of fluff and hair and look untidy very quickly.

The capacity of carpet to capture dirt also helps allergy sufferers as it minimises the dust flying through the air every time someone walks across the floor. Regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning will maintain the carpet's cleanliness. Because of the lush pile of frieze carpet, you need to put in the effort to clean up spills promptly as they can fall within the pile rather than sitting on top.

Creates a Seamless Look

Another advantage of the long fibres of frieze is that they hide the carpet edges. This gives your floor a seamless look. Across a large area, you may need several pieces laid during a carpet installation if the roll is not as wide as the room. The shaggy fibres will fall over the joins, making them less noticeable. You'll also be able to achieve a more polished look for runners on stairways and halls.

Dampens Noise

Frieze will not only make your home more comfortable with its softness but also with its capacity to muffle noise, creating a more peaceful ambience that's free of echoes. You won't have to put up with the clatter of heels hitting floorboards or tiles. Even laminate and vinyl flooring are louder than a fluffy carpet. 

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