4 Reasons to Choose Riven Stone Paving

There's a lot to think about when you're choosing between outdoor stone paver options. You'll need to think about everything from the right pattern to the right colour, but one factor people often fail to properly consider is texture. 

For most homeowners, this comes down to riven vs. smooth. Riven stone has a natural texture that is created when the stone is split along its layers. In contrast, smooth stone has been worked to a smooth finish. Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, but here are just four reasons why you should opt for riven stone paving over smooth stone paving.

1. Helps Prevent Slips  

One of the most important benefits of riven stone is that the textured surface provides added grip. While smooth stone slabs can become slippery after periods of rain, riven stone should still provide firm footing. That means you'll be less likely to slip and fall, which can be particularly dangerous if you're carrying gardening equipment or walking up steps. This is why riven stone is often recommended for walkways and steps.

2. Provides a Unique Appearance

When the stone is smoothed out, each piece will look more or less the same as the next. This appearance can work with some more contemporary design styles, but most people prefer the unique appearance of riven stone. Since natural variations are created across each slab during the splitting process, no two riven paving slabs will ever look exactly the same. This creates a more natural appearance, so it's often preferred for rustic or traditional properties.

3. Offers Additional Durability

One issue with smooth stone slabs is that they generally require a little extra care and attention. That's because the process of smoothing a slab's surface can open its pores and make it more absorbent. Additionally, many types of stone used for paving, such as sandstone, become softer when smoothed. Riven stone slabs don't present the same issues, so you can count on them to last for a long time.

4. Conceals Damage

Even though riven stone is extremely strong, it isn't indestructible. However, it tends to conceal damage more easily than smooth stone since any minor cracks or chips will blend in with the textured surface. In contrast, even a very small crack or chip in a smooth stone slab will be immediately noticeable, which means you'll either have to put up with that visible damage or get the slab replaced.