Answering Your Questions About Various Types of Timber Floors For Your Home

A timber floor is a great choice for just about any home, as it has a timeless and classic look and is very durable and hygienic. Your timber floor may last as long as your home, and can potentially even increase its overall resale value. Note a few questions you might have about the different varieties of timber floor available, and then you can decide if it's the right choice for your space.

Unique Flooring Ideas That Beat Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Hardwood

When your home needs new flooring, don't assume that wall-to-wall carpeting and timber slats are your only options; there are many other unique ideas and products on the market today that can create a beautiful floor in any room of your home. These can also be more affordable than carpet and timber, and some can even be installed yourself! Note a few unique flooring ideas you may want to consider for your home.

Considerations When Making a Choice of Kitchen Tiles

Due to the kitchen being one of the rooms in your home exposed to high moisture content as well as high temperatures, it will need resilient building supplies for it to stay pristine. Tile has remained a popular option for the kitchen because it offers great versatility for the different types of surfaces in the room. However, some homeowners may not know how to choose the perfect tile for their kitchen.

Maintenance Tips to Ensure You Get Maximum Service Life from Solid Wood Flooring

There's no way you can talk about the most popular flooring options available for homeowners and fail to mention timber flooring. Timber flooring has been around for centuries, but it still finds favour with many homeowners in Australia and other developed parts of the world. For homeowners who want to install timber flooring that can last for several years, solid wood flooring is the go-to choice. But like with any other flooring type, the durability of solid wood floors largely depends on the quality of maintenance provided.

Why You Should Consider Blackbutt Timber for More Than Flooring

If you live in Australia, you know that blackbutt timber is usually used as a term with indoor flooring projects. This is due in part to the beauty of the Australian indigenous wood. What you may not know is that this same timber can be used for a multitude of different projects, including outdoor decking. Here are some reasons why you should consider blackbutt timber for more than just interior flooring options.